Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Musical 'Shite'

The National is decent newspaper. Despite my qualms with the line of their political editorials, I still rate them as the best in the UAE.

Today, they ran a cool piece titled ‘My Musical Secret’; you are requested to disclose the kinds of songs on your MP3 player that you strive to keep from the prying eyes and the eavesdropping ears. Notice how most of these songs were number one hits in their time. And yet, you are invariably met with derision should you mention them, or the bands that play them, in public. The sophisticated yuppie assholes are far more refined than this populist ‘shite’. Oh yes sir, they are.

Eventually, it’d stand to logic that there are certain individuals in the population that really listen to and enjoy these songs. Otherwise they wouldn’t sell and make hits, right?


So, being one that hasn’t been interviewed by The National, I volunteer to string out the list of shame. Minus the sexy photo, of course. Which shall remain sexy but unpublished.

First off let me make few things clear: I only listen to my MP3 player when I’m working out. In the Gym, that is. This has a huge influence on the genre of music and how often it’s played. When I drive, I often listen to the BBC world service, both in Arabic and English. When I’m home, I’m tuned to JazzFM online. When I’m at work I mostly listen to classical music. The rest of the time is dominated by upbeat songs while running or straining under light weight dumb-bells.

Fortunately, my MP3 player has a feature called ‘Most Played Tracks’. So I’ll just copy/paste what’s in there without editing. Here we go.

1- Roc Boys. (by Jay Z)
2- Hit ‘em up. (Tupac, who else?!)
3- Bird of prey. (Fatboy Slim.)
4- Let me ride. (Dr. Dre)
5- Numb Encore. (Linkin Park and Jay Z.)
6- Sex Machine. (James Brown)
7- Rock with you. (Michael Jackson.)
8- Shaft Theme. (Barry White.)
9- Sing it back. (Moloko.)
10- Jump around. (House of pain.)

Go ahead and put up yours. I dare you…


KJ said...

My music library is composed of stuff like Enya, Gregorian, oldies, Edith Piaf and some *ahem* videogame music :P

BuJ said...

it's a joke to be able to arrest the Tzefteh Lviney (i cannot spell her name).. coz obviously they will never arrest her, but the UK response is even more zifty!

o'GDawg said...

Google-ing with it in mind to set my ear to some live jazz tonight, I’ve stumbled across Dubai Jazz: My Musical Shite . . . then, checked your archives . . . shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii’t . . . Where da jazz baby? Is it that you just like the word yet have no real dept in the experience of what "jazz" is?

Miles, Coltrane, Mingus, Dizzy—masters they were . . . McCoy Tyner, Art Tatum—smooth sax in his own right, Harvey Mason, Cannonball—mercy, mercy, mercy, Charlie Byrd—king of bee-bop, Ramsey bring’n the "in crowd" . . . etc . . . etc . . . etc . . .

Now, those guys are old . . . old and most dead . . . ooooold school . . . straight up jazz, less the big band sound in most cases--no bull shit electronic tricks . . . and all dilly-dallied at some time or another—50/60s.

But, then, move forward to folks like Herbie Hancock—keyboards with electronics but still keep'n a real grove, Grover Washington—sax, Roy Ayers—vibes, George Duke—mad on the boards . . . and now you're deep into jazz with a funk—70s/80s.

Check out Chick (if you're digg'n him) and whoever is playing with him . . . see if the other cats go off on their own . . . pick up their stuff and like what you like . . . then go get some more . . . jazz is in the air, you miss it if you don't hear it . . . there are so many good musicians—old and new—and so many different genres . . . check out Wyton or Bobby Lyle . . . it all depends on what you like . . . get latin if it moves you . . . Flora, Tito, Mongo . . . before you know it--you're hooked . . . on something . . . and from time to time you'll go down a different alley to hear something else . . . Chuck Mangione . . . Wayne Shorter . . . Joe Sample . . .

Bass????—Ray Brown . . . check him out with Monty Alexander and Russell Malone and then check out Russell with Benny Green . . . do your homework . . . and then there's magicians like Rahsaan Roland Kirk--put two horns in his mouth at one time and blow like it ain't no-thang . . . and there's Mr. Oscar Peterson who was always in his "finest hour' on the piano . . .

No big band like "The" Duke Ellington? or "The" Count Basie? . . . ok . . . then check out Fourplay and get with some bad white boys like Bob James (piano) and Lee Ritenour (guitar) . . . and don't forget Mose Allison--piano (old school white boy with the gang at the top) . . . not to mention Pat Metheny (once I drove from San Francisco to New York--started with Pat/ended with Pat) . . . you gotta be in the right mood for Thelonious but the Monk with his unorthodox form impressed Miles and brought the Julliard school boy into a ghetto yard he had never explored.

Come’on Dubai Jazz . . . if you’re going to front the name . . . play the game . . . house of pain? Dr. Dre? Fatboy who? Jay Z what? Michael? . . . r&b and rap ain’t jazz . . . they’re derivatives there of . . . the closest you’ve come is JB but he only laid down one track in the jazz genre and Barry—with all due respect as he was a master at help’n a brotha get to the gap-goodie with dat deep bravado . . . yet still he didn't do no jazz . . . and by the way—Tupac is dead.

I’ve come all the down to ask: Is there any real jazz in Dubai?

They call me o'GD . . . the original globaldawg

Dubai Jazz said...


video games music? really? lol, don't play video games anymore, can you link me to some on youtube or something?

Dubai Jazz said...


It's unfortunate that The National would copy/paste an AP story and never add an editorial of their own. It's like being an apologist for the UK government.

Dubai Jazz said...

Dawg yo,

You be notin' I called this post musical 'shite', and shite it is. It ain't right to critique the brother's musical taste by this list. I told ya I be listening to this stuff in the gym. You don't think the brother could listen to the magic of Coltrane's sax in the gym, 'cause that would be outta place. And it'd make the brother look odd around his homies.

You forget to mention Art Pepper. Brother's white but he did quite smashin' stuff too.

I'm no real jazz aficionado. I'm fake. Don't you be fooled by the name of the blog. You think all things in life stand up to its names? You be mistaken, Dawg. Look at the white house, homie, it's no white no more. Look at the United Nation, better be named Divided Nation.

Now let's cut the horseshit, where in Dubai do you live?

o'GDawg said...

alright young blood . . . I'll back off . . . I'm quite sure dat shit u listen to while you on yo back assist you in pump'n dem irons . . . but hey man, if you gone do dat then add a lil Sly--you can make it if you try . . . No, I didn't forget the Peppa . . . there's also Brubeck, Baker, Jarrett, Carter and Kenton . . . just to name a few . . . all honorable mentions in their own right and let's not fail to give Petrucciani his due . . . as jazz is in the air, it also has no color--let's just respect where it come from . . . Nawww young'n you ain't fake . . . I'm feel'n ya . . . but our boy is being played and mis-led and he'll be out on the street in three . . . so don't be too quick to think'n that Mas'ta is gone for good . . . division will exist as long and there's a poor and a rich, an intelligent and ignant--it's up to US not the UN . . . dawg be sitt'n aways from the dunes on the planes in a quaint psuedo-village across from a hump-back ranch . . . kill'n time while collect'n duckets and a dime . . . every once in a while look'n to hitch up a jamal and ease into the lights at night to listen and feel som'n live . . .you feel'n me?

Dubai Jazz said...


You're always welcome, brother.

It looks like you know far better than me about Jazz.

And you know, readers of this blog are, every now and then, curious about Jazz.

So I'm wondering, if you're still following these comments here: how about I dedicate a post where we field questions from readers about Jazz, and you, in turn, kindly answer them?

I think it'll be a good idea...

And yes, I'm feelin' ya ;)

BuJ said...

btw, i really like this o'GDawg guy!!

he knows about Coltrane, Brubeck, Miles, etc

i gotta ask u, do u know a jazz pianist by the name of Mussolini?

btw, i believe the lovely short italian frank is the best jazz painist there is... Michel Petrucciani!!!!!!!

i love my jazz and sadly to answer your question there is no proper jazz in dubai except in the Virgin megastore.. which is shutting down cause of iTunes haha

o'GDawg said...

what up, young blood ? ? ? how'u be keep'n ? ? ? sorry for the lag, transitioning into a new gig the past few days so my head been all wrapped up in the Queen’s English short of King James’ version. . . but see that's when, where, how & why the jazz be mellowing a brotha out . . . so yeah man, on the other note i'm try'n to help a few of my peeps out—lo’cate'n a few venues so a couple of brothas can make a move 'cross land and sea to blow in the sand . . . so i'm up for the down-stroke—CC . . . but let's go deeper than Q&A . . . i don't profess to know it all . . . i as you is just a student of the sound, feel’n da rhythm and digg’n da rhyme . . . it's only that my ear has heard a few mo notes just a lil’bit longer . . . but we be hear’n it in similarity and difference . . . in contrast and by comparison . . . and then—individually—we do what need be to make use of it as we absorb it . . . so yeah Dubai Jazz—let’s go to school . . . the first is some cats—you know what? . . . i ain’t even goan say nu’n . . . just go thru these one at a time and check ‘em out . . . several phases of Ellington’s Caravan featuring . . . some reg’la long time’ago grey boys groov’n in Australia . . . followed by P’diddy pos’n on Ella . . . back-ta-back with Mr. Oscar P work’n dem keys and finally the Duke-himself bring’n it home as only he and his BIG BAND did back in tha day . . . we can talk about it—or not—LA’da . . . I’ll get back wi’ch ya in a few . . . peace out

o'GDawg said...

daps BuJ . . . tried to tune you in on yo own station but you got that Arabic thang go’n on and—my’bad—I’m still communicat’n in the primary ‘cept I do utter Al-Fathia in the motha-tongue . . . but !!word!! . . . you be bring'n fact . . . school'n me and mini-mo ‘bout a Romano Moussilini bang'n on ivory while his old man was bust'n brains and cutt’n guts tempt’n to rule the world . . . WOW man--that's some deep shit!!! . . . and yeah . . . indeed, Petrucciani always commands his due but check it out—Michele spoke French—not Italian . . . so let me put this on y’all as I fade . . . . . . Charles Lloyd and Billy Higgins

BuJ said...

hi o'GDawg!!

great to read from you, but I'm afraid I am completely stuck with some of the vocab you use!!!!
I get the general tone of your message as positive, which is lovely, coz it's obvious you are very passionate about jazz.. just like me..

however do you mind if you can explain a bit more about these words:

- o'GDawg: ok it's your nickname, the ending is obvious, but what's "o'G"?
- Arabic thang: what thang did you see/hear? My blog is all in English!
-Mini mo: who's major and mini mo?
- Romano.. glad u found him.. i got 2 of his CD's.. can e-mail u some mp3s if u wish :)

thanks very much for the youTube clip.. it's very very serious jazz.. i felt so unqualified to even understand it!! it's on a very deep level!

finally, Michel Petrucciani is indeed French, but he of Italian extraction.. and us Arabs, we also look at the roots not the branches ;-)

grazie mille il mio amico

o'GDawg said...

awiight, so wha’chu ax’zin me t’do is splane the ebonics

alright, so what you are asking me to do is to explain the ebonics

ebonics = the black American vernacular . . . it’s origins (roots) are as deep as the jazz we created and fashioned . . . keep in mind that when the Africans were enslaved and taken to the new world, of the many things that the Europeans did, one was to disallow us to speak our native tongues—Arabic, being the most common language spoken amongst the various tribes of West Africa (“The Sudan” which extended from the coast of East Africa to the coast of West Africa) was cut off and along with it our Islamic beliefs were lost.

o'GDawg: ok it's your nickname, the ending is obvious, but what's "o'G"?

OG = original gangster . . . or . . . original gangster dawg . . in the States a lot of black men refer to each other as OG, G or Dawg or variations of that such as TDawg which could be short for Tony + Dawy etc, etc, . . . yet, on the other hand o’GDawg = original global dawg . . . a few people have decided to use my name but I coined it about 8 or 9 years ago after I left the States and used it in the yahoo jazz chat rooms—I’m global_dawg at both yahoo and hotmail

- Arabic thang: what thang did you see/hear? My blog is all in English!

Let me go back and check it out . . . yeah . . . when I click your name BuJ, I’m taken to a page where most to the writing is in Arabic and there is a cartoon image of a guy grinning with a thumb up . . . as well, I can’t access the entire page and the ability to scroll is not available.

-Mini mo: who's major and mini mo?

Mini-mo = many more . . . school’n me and mini-mo = educating me and many more

- Romano.. glad u found him.. i got 2 of his CD's.. can e-mail u some mp3s if u wish :)

Thanks, I would appreciate that . . . as a matter of fact I was going to indicate that I was going to do a little research and see what I could come up with in regards to Romano . . . please do email . . . . . . thanks

thanks very much for the youTube clip.. it's very very serious jazz.. i felt so unqualified to even understand it!! it's on a very deep level!

Hey man . . . you qualify and don’t ever think that you don’t . . . it’s just a matter of permitting jazz to be what it is . . . like life itself, it’s best to just let it flow and try not to try to figure it out or understand it . . . sometimes when it gets too heavy in my head, I have to turn that shit off and mellow out with Beethoven, Chopin, Bach or just silence—most often the best drink is a glass of water . . . jazz expresses the intrinsic emotions of the black American’s experiences . . .

finally, Michel Petrucciani is indeed French, but he of Italian extraction.. and us Arabs, we also look at the roots not the branches ;-)

Hmmm . . . total respect on roots, my brother . . . peace out

Dubai Jazz said...

O’GDawg bro! Sup?!

Good to see you back, man! Thanks for the ‘schooling’! I will listen to these links with more focus later. Maybe I will compile them in a post with some references to your ebonic comments (which I think are fascinating!). Right now we (as in me and friends) are busy bringing up the issue of Gaza city on twitter. You know how they keep these people locked up behind walls like a ghetto.

It’s a disgrace.

Anyway. Please do come back again, you’re most welcome here!

(why ya callin’ da brother ‘mini mo’? I ain’t young no mo, you know. Just pulled da curtain closed on ma’ third decade last month!)

BuJ said...

hello hello o'GDawg!

sorry it's taken me a week (and 2010!) to reply!

great to read ur stuff.. very informative as always :))

sending some good stuff to ur inbox now..
btw, i love the classical stuff, as i'm a pianist myself.. beethoven and chopin, then bach are my favs :)

for my blog, in english, goto