Saturday, September 12, 2009

What Happened in London on 9/11

There is a racist organization that goes by the name: "Stop Islamification of Europe"

Check out their website, there are few valuable gems in there:

Written at the top is: "Racism is the lowest form of human stupidity, but Islamophobia is the height of common sense"

How refreshing.

And then there's the "Support Israel" and "Support Serbian Cosovo" banners. There's also a caricature of a mosque adorned with the face of a pirate warrior, clad with metal helmet, et al. The entire website speaks for itself. Thinly veiled racism and Islamophobia.

So these friendly sorts from SIOE have decided to protest the evil Islamification of Europe by arranging a demonstration outside a London mosque on 9/11. Word has got out to the Muslim community, and hundreds of Muslim youth gathered for a counter-demonstration.

The top organizer of the demonstration from the SIOE side had called it off at the eleventh hour. Claiming that the police were scared of the Muslim youth and didn't want to get killed.

The angry Muslim youth gathered anyway. Pumped and prepped for a fist fight. But their counterparts didn't show up, so what they do?

They clash with the police.

The racist Islamophobes couldn't have dreamed up a better scenario.

One has to wonder though, if your opponents didn't show up, why did you have to clash with the police? why there's always a tendency in the Muslim youth to get angry and erupt? why are they (we) always on a short fuse?

Why couldn't they, as one stand-up comedian put it: just sit down, relax, have a cup of tea, and listen to a Cat Stevens recording?

Get laid anyone?

I do not blame the 'gentlemen' from SIOE. They are entitled to their fascism. I blame the naive young Muslim men for their rash and uncontrolled behavior, and for being duped into a fight with the police who were originally there to protect the Mosque.

Way to mark the anniversary of the 9/11 events.


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As Sasa rightly points out in the comments' section, the SIOE calimed they had called off the protest. I stand corrected.


abufares said...


Abu Kareem said...

As always,we are our own worst enemies!

sasa said...

Guys, I think you may be reading this slightly wrong. This wasn't a simple "clash with the police". There was a real and visible threat to the safety of Harrow's ethnic minority communities (and yes - this goes beyond Muslims, Harrow is majority Hindu).

Muslims joined forces with a much larger group of (non-Muslim) anti-fascist organisations.

When the thugs arrived from across the UK, some of the anti-fascists chased them away. The police stopped them, and this is what is described as "clashes".

Let's be clear. In many cases, Muslims have gone out looking for a fight, and looking to cause controversy on some march or another. THIS wasn't one of those occasions. People in Harrow, of all ethnic minorities, are (still) living in fear for their lives. Not because of any provocation or misbehaviour by Muslims, but because the EDL and SIOE decided to pick Harrow as their frontline.

sasa said...

Oh and hold on DJ, you're quoting this:

"The top organizer of the demonstration from the SIOE side had called it off at the eleventh hour. Claiming that the police were scared of the Muslim youth and didn't want to get killed.

The angry Muslim youth gathered anyway."

Which is COMPLETELY wrong!!! The EDL/SIOE CLAIMED they had called off the demo. That was just showmanship - hundreds of their supporters came to London.

Like I said, this wasn't Muslims vs the police. This was Muslims+decent people vs racist thugs.

I can't say for sure who was throwing bottles and bricks at the police. Of course some Muslims may have been behind that, but it's more than likely that the racists were doing more of the attacking. And I'll tell you why...the EDL is affiliated with a group of self-proclaimed football thugs. They go to football matches looking for fights with rival teams. (I can't remember the name of their organisation but they advertised this mosque protest on their Facebook group). So I know who I would point the finger at.

BuJ said...

I read about this.. it's a joke.. fortunately the British media quickly covered it and the head of that fringe that organised the rally called it off.

To me there are two very worrying things:

1- there are societies to stop this alleged "islamification" of europe. Weirdly when freedom of religion is guaranteed by EU law.

2- the timing of the protests on 9/11.

More people died from US/UK military action after 9/11 than from the action of a few seriously-misguided "muslims" on 9/11. Fortunately most anti-war protesters are peaceful in comparison with the anti-islam protesters, as if the clash is with Islam rather than extreme fringes using islam.

good post buddy!

Dubai Jazz said...


Thanks for pointing that out. As it may be obvious, I don't live in London so I relied on other sources, in learning about the story, rather than first hand accounts.

I understand how vicious the other fascist side can be, I'm not arguing that.

What worries me is the reaction of Muslims whenever these things happen:

"some of the anti-fascists chased them away."

I assume that Muslims also tried to chase them away?.... Well Sasa, you see what I'm saying, why did Muslims feel that they had to take justice with their own hands? I don't recall London being a place where lots of ethnic cleansing had happened before, so if the Muslims stayed home and let the other side demonstrate, what was going to happen? will the fascist torch the Mosque? let them! that will only demonstrate to the rest of the population how vicious they really are!

This is similar to the incident with the Indian students in Australia. Assault on Indians had risen around their neighbourhoods and at a certain point the students thought the police had been doing nothing to protect them. So what do they do? they arrange for security patrols themselves inside the neighbourhoos were they live!

By doing this, they;d alienated a good part of the population who were sympathetic to them.

And here too, you've got a good portion of European liberals who hop to protest against discrimination towards Muslims. Even for practical reasons, it's not productive to alienated those groups.

It's also interesting to note ya Sasa, that despite the hate groups and the red nicks in both the UK and Australia, both countries have a much better track record in minorities rights than, say, Pakistan or India.

Anonymous said...

Islam is no a race.

Anonymous said...

Islam is not a race.

Dubai Jazz said...

Bu Jassem.

Those fascists chavs are disgusting.

As Sasa said, we can only explain their characters as Hooligans.

Thanks for dropping by, my friend.

sasa said...

Dubai Jazz, I understand the point you are trying to make, and I agree with you, I really do. But this case was very very different.

When the cartoon protests happened, Muslims showed that they disagreed with the cartoon's assumption that Muslims are being violent. And they couldn't even see the irony!

Yesterday wasn't about Muslims taking their aggression out. First, there was a huge number (possibly a majority) of non-Muslims who came to protect them. This was unprecedented. Incredible groups like Searchlight and the Anti-Fascist League, which protected blacks in South East London during the white skinhead attacks of the 1980s.

Second, the Muslims who were there weren't looking for trouble. They were going about their business, praying at the only mosque within about 20km on a Friday in Ramadan. Many of the are elderly - it wasn't the 'usual suspects' of young politically agitated Hizb Al-Tahrir members.

Let me suggest, DJ, that if the Muslims stayed at home, and the anti-facsists didn't turn up, the thugs would have done more than burn the mosque. They have been looking for a fight all summer (by starting riots across the UK), and they smell blood.

In the last 24 hours it's emerged that the police have been covertly investigating the EDL/SIOE. A senior government minister today compared them to the Blackshirts (a pro-Nazi, anti-Jewish violent movement in 1930s Britain).

For the first time in my memory, Britain has come out in support of the victimised Muslims, and against the thugs. So, like I said, you have read this wrong. This time - JUST this time - you are blaming the wrong people.

Dubai Jazz said...

Sasa, oh wow.

I must thank you for sharing all these information with us. As I said, I can only judge things by how the media is reporting them.

I acknowledge my hasty conjecture.

Thanks, once again, and it's always a pleasure to have you here :)

sasa said...

Well like I said, in most cases (unfortunately), you would've been right about the typical angry-Muslim reaction!!

It's a pleasure to read your blog, as always :)

aaroncrowe said...

Yes, leave us alone and keep us safe from Islam

BuJ said...

Aaron, who is "we"?

I guess the Muslims told the crusaders to leave them alone many years ago, but did they listen?

The only difference is that the Muslims in the UK are mainly there peacefully for economic reasons while the crusaders came by force by orders of the puppet-master Pope (amongst others).

shiva said...

You avoid the question

What race is islam ?