Saturday, July 11, 2009

Road Map

The clouds of dust that had engulfed the Middle East made me feel grumpy and sullen all throughout the past week. I don't know of any weather condition that I despise more than dust or sand storms. Tough luck since I live at the fringes of a great desert. Although, ironically, temprature is usually cooler and humidity is substantially lower, never mind the low visibility or my throat tendency to get sore....

Anyway, now that the dust had settled, I think some revelations and hard self-reflections are forthcoming today.

Brace yourself, folks.

I recieved this comment couple of days ago from a new visitor to my blog (welcome, Al Ain Rose)

Thank Allah not all men have such animal mentality.
Well, you are kind of a creative person, but why don't you show people your creativity in some things other than the orgasmic stuff? ....I mean .. I've read (most) of your posts, and I hardly found some posts that don't contain some vulgar words or not related to sex or women one way or another. Come on! It's easy to make a clear point and your ideas come cross without relying on the "Oh! Ehh! Ah!!!" kind of illustrations; I mean, it's good to have a sense of decency a bit more when making a point. Plus, the whole idea of this post was awfully consumed, an old one ya3ni.

No offence...T'was just a thought!

I do not wish to respond to the above harsh critique of this blog. Nor do I intend to make my readers do the zone-defense for me. I'm siezing this opportuinity to turn the keyboard to you, my reader, to tell me what you think of this blog; where it's been, where it's going and where it should be going.

Do you, for example, agree with the above: that I'm exuding animal mentality through my writing?
Or maybe the language is too vulgar to your taste?
What kind of posts do you enjoy more (or suffer from less); the personal or the general commentary type?
What area do you think this blog could cover more? art? politics? public decency (or the lack thereof)?...etc...
Would you, for instance, like to hear my analysis of the psychology of people who seek art produced by people on death row? (yeah, I did contemplate the question once)
Would you like to hear what I think of people who put other people on the death row and then sell their art to the public?
Or would you like to read about my sizzling hot sexual encounters?
Seriously, would you like to hear more or less politics?
Do you think I should stop writing (and posting) fiction? should I generally post more or less often?

Do I really come across as violent and misogynistic?
Do you think I'm a coward for wanting to write more about politics but not doing so eventually for the fear of divine retribution?
Don't you think it's hypocritical of me to experience things, good and bad, on daily basis that I'd like to post about but eventually choose not to, again, for the fear of extraterrestrial wrath?
Do you think self-censorship is useful?
Do you want to hear about my exercise routines?

I'm profoundly interested in opinions. I only request that there be no praise or ridicule.

And of course, Al Ain Rose's comment shall be treated within the context of where he/she comes from. I value the few Emarati readers of this blog. I meant no disrespect by posting his/her comment. So please refrain from attacking his/her point of view. Hey, it might be true after all!

That's all for now

Phew... I managed a post without a cuss word. Isn't that f**king awesome?!

P.S. excuse the font irregularities. Blogger is PMSing today.

Edit: forgot to mention that the blog of yours truly, despite (if not because) of the vulgar content, had made it to the creme of the crop, a list prepared by Mr. Alexander McNabb for Dubai 92 FM radio. A big thank you to Alex and Cat Boy for the mention.


the real nick said...


KJ said...

write whatever you want to write dude. if you want to have one theme for your blog or several or if you want to use vulgar words or not. you certainly can't please everyone, so just look at what you think you can change while maintaining the overall effect you want to achieve around here.

hemlock said...

dude! do you write for your 'readers' or for yourself?

if take pride in what you write, and stand by your words, it doesnt matter what you write about.

take nick for example. he's full of shit. but he truly believes in what he says... and that's why we love him.

p.s. email me if you want to join the real nick fan club. i'm president, treasurer and (the only) member.

Dubai Jazz said...

you don't even have to ask.

Dubai Jazz said...

Thanks for the input man.

But really this isn't about me wanting to please anybody as it is me being a smug motherfucker who thinks he can emulate the BBC. (they have some program called 'over to you')

Dubai Jazz said...


I value my readers opinions. Some bloggers even take posts' requests. There's no harm in that.

I can always write for myself, I do it all the time...

I agree about the Nick being full of stool. But I disagree that we love him because he believes in himself. I think we love him because he knows he's full of stools and flatus.

I will email you, although I'd rather have your phone number and call, maybe we could exchange notes about how stooly we think Nick is. Maybe you could also place a private request for a post about the sizzling hot encounters. I know you might be embarrassed to do that in public. You will love them.

hemlock said...

I think we love him because he knows he's full of stools and flatus.

uh... yeah. ok. that.

also, why do i get the feeling your post(s) about 'the hot sizzling encounter(s)' is/are going to be your best piece(s) of fiction to date?


also, are you hitting on me?

the real nick said...

I am not full of shit (anymore).

...I had spicy Indian food yesterday.

the real nick said...

And yes, hemlock, you got that right, finally; Jazza is hitting on you (in the safe anonoymous realm of his dimly lit computer den, with the Kleenex box nearby).

Dubai Jazz said...

Hemlock, I wish I can afford to hit on you. At the last count you, mashallah, had dozens of protective cousins. I, on the other hand, can only run for so long!

Dubai Jazz said...

Nick, what's the deal duh? first auto-erotic asphyxia and now this Kleenex business. If I remember correctly, the food court was brightly lit and the convo was mainly about business, I couldn't have crept the stools out of you that much, or could I?

moryarti said...

Its part of being part of this blogoshpere busienss... You write/talk about whatever you want.

And readers, like yourself, will choose the way they react to your topics.

Its part of being part of this whacky blogosphere business.

You should see some of the hate comments I get on some of my older posts... :)

Dave said...

DJ write whatever takes your interest. There are no rules to blogging in a true democracy...

Personally I enjoy the smut and less politics...

hemlock said...

nick: (in the safe anonymous realm of his dimly lit computer den, with the Kleenex box nearby).

spoken with the infinite wisdom and hands-on experience of someone who's been there, done that.
(and emptied a jar of vaseline in the process).

DJ: please feel free to hit on me all you like, my family disowned me a long time ago (and for good reason, i may add).

Dubai Jazz said...

I personally like the smutty and the non-political stuff more. Go figure.

Dubai Jazz said...

It's indeed part and parcel of being a blogger. I get I don't receive hate comments because my blog isn't that popular.

(sorry about the duplicate comment)

Dubai Jazz said...


In that case, and if you dig, khalas, tomorrow 7 PM at the Magrudy near to Jumairah mosque. First floor. At that mysterious cafe I've never been to but heard a lot about before.

Al-ain Rose said...

First off, I wouldn't leave a comment on your blog in the first place if I haven't thought that it's an interesting one, otherwise, I would just read it then, simply, leave. Second, I did stated previously that my comment was just a "thought" not a "suggestion" or "judge", it was just an "opinion" of mine which you absolutely have the choice to consider or to neglect, it's your blog after all, & no one has to applaud me or agree with what I think or say, you don't have to, and I'm surely not seeking that, however, I am still convinced of the idea that an educated person is in NO need for such ways of delivering their thoughts and ideas to others. And I'm not willing to convince you to change your mind about it.

I mentioned my opinion sincerely unwillingly to hurt you; I won't post a comment for just pulling legs! Like what others are used to do, "Oh post whatever you like" "Oh write for you self"! I never ever asked you for posting topics that's to my liking or to write for me! I didn't request to dedicate a post to me.
Post whatever subject you would love, kind sir. Use the language you think it's "appropriate for you", and lemme think what I think. That's it.

One more thing though, yeah, my words shall be treated within the context of where I come from considering that the UAE is a country from the outer space and has an alien culture, so yeah, you have to take that into consideration….. Alas!

hemlock said...

wait! i thought you wanted my number?
anyways, cant do today, im busy for the next two weeks, my family is here.

but im free to talk on the phone if you want... about nick and his intestinal issues... among other things.

Dubai Jazz said...

Hi Al Ain Rose:

Please rest assured that your comments are always welcome. And I'm really not disturbed or upset at all, and I hope you are not, too. You're entitled to your opinion and I'd like if you could always share it with me, even if you think I'll disagree. Otherwise my blog would turned into a place exclusive to the clique that is me, Hemlock and Real Nick; where we come and make flippant comments about each other everyday.

I have to disagree with you, though. One could have a highly sophesticated and intelligent conversation and utter hundreds of swearing words at the same time. There's no hard and fast rule and no correlation. Decency, after all, is a very elastic term that is shaped by social values, it's not an elevated intellectual state of mind.

I meant no disrespect by referring to where you come from. I assumed you come from a conservative background. And I have a hunch that I'm right. I come from a conservative background too, and my mother and sister would never approve of my language.

And btw, thanks for thinking that my blog is interesting. I hope you still think of it this way. :)

Dubai Jazz said...


WTF? first you say your family disowned you, and now they are here with you; please! I need to know what I'm up against! I don't want to end up blindfolded on youtube with my hands tied behind my back.

Anyway, 2 weeks isn't that big deal. Nick bowels will have to do as topic for a phone convo for the time being. I'm glad phone lines aren't conductive of smells, though.

Dubai Jazz said...

"Thankfully, Dr. Richard Stephens and his team at Keele University in the United Kingdom just published a study that says swearing actually has a pain-lessening effect. (See Mom? It’s healthy!) When we swear, we increase our threshold for pain, meaning we can bear it longer and don’t feel it as much. Stephens is not sure why this happens, only that for some reason, “swearing appears to increase our pain tolerance.”

Like those moments when I stub my toe, Stephens came up with the idea to study this after he accidentally whacked his finger with a hammer. “I swore a bit and then around the same time, our daughter was born. My wife swore throughout her labor…and the midwife said don’t worry about it, we hear that language all the time.” Not surprising, says clinical psychologist Paula Bloom. “From my own experience of giving birth without drugs to a 9 pound, 11 ounce child, I can imagine I had quite the little truck driver vocabulary going on.”"

Allie said...

Your commenter's post was interesting to me, because I never noticed the stuff s/he was referring to. To answer your specific questions, though:

I'm confused as to how you could exude anything other than an animal mentality, given that humans are animals. I haven't noticed any vulgarity, though that may simply be a bi-product of my own potty mouth.

I don't really care what you post about. I read the first few lines of each post, and if I'm interested by that point, I keep reading. If not, I go back to my homework (and thanks for making this one interesting; I have only two more vectors to do, but I'm bored with it). I can't say I'll read anything dealing w/ psychology, since I think psychology is silly. I really do think you should post as little or as much as you like. It is, after all, your blog - we are simply guests in your "home."

I don't think you come across as violent or misogynistic. When I don't agree w/ stuff you say (which generally just has to do w/ Jews/Israel), I either don't finish reading the post, or I post a reply. I do, however, think it's kind of stupid not to post something you're thinking because of God related concerns - after all, if he already knows you thought it, I can't see how much more angry he could be because you went w/ saying it.

hemlock said...

uh, DJ, if you end up bound, blindfolded, with your hands tied behind your back, you wont be accusing my family for it... heh. you wont be accusing anyone at all ;)


yeah, other than that, when i said my family has disowned me, i was referring to the hundreds of cousins you'd mentioned.
my mom doesnt have that option.

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