Monday, May 18, 2009


A very interesting article in The National today, a must-read for all bloggers:

Plainly, most of Sanderson’s huge number of online fans didn’t feel the need to rush out and buy her book, and if the Amazon reviews are to be trusted, many traditional readers who came to the book without knowing the blog first found its tone off-putting. This goes to the heart of the blog/book conundrum: we read different forms differently, and with different expectations. It’s hard to say why a revelation that seems spontaneous and witty in a blog comes across as trivial and self-absorbed in print – but it does.


Of course, blogs aren’t the only brand of publisher catnip in the Web 2.0 shop. Random House Children’s Books recently signed a deal to reissue a classic book from 1971, A Lion Called Christian, after a two-minute YouTube clip devoted to the book was watched by more than 44 million people when it was posted last summer. How long before authors start posting trailers or animated storyboards of their novels in the hope that publishers will see them?

How long you're asking? Really? I wonder where does Mr. John O'Connell live. Best-selling fiction authors have been posting promotional trailers on Youtube for their upcoming novels for few years now.


KJ said...

You gotta go a bit easy on old geezers in the press

Dubai Jazz said...

old geezers in the press gotta go easy on the uninformed crap!