Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why, RTA?

Will somebody please tell them what 'recession' means?


RTA said...


BuJassem said...

probably a contractor not the RTA.. maybe they were painting above and didn't wanna splash the solar cells making the parking machine useless.

just move away the plastic and use the machine.. the see-thru plastic means it'll still work.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

I don't know if you were serious, however, it wasn't the present wrap I was worried about Bu Jassem. I know I should have been clearer about the point behind the post. Anyway, if it was about that, I would have thought of many ways to tear it down.

The things is, these machines were installed very recently in front of our office on SZR. Our own parking spaces aren't enough, so there's always an overflow. Now we have to park ourselves in the rear parking, which is always crammed with cars from the workshops and showrooms around. It's going to be tough. And sometimes we'd have to face the music and park up front. And then wind up the alarm on your mobile every hour lest you forget to drop the derham.

Hey, it could end up as a good exercise.

DUBAI JAZZ said...


Good for you.

BuJassem said...

yes i was serious. it looks like the kinda wrapper to protect it. now if they are introducing new parking machines they are complete wankers.. at least wait for 9/9/2009 till the metro is on to introduce this

i'd recommend you buy the 100dhs RTA parking card. costs 88 dhs actually, so you get 12 dhs free and it's better than looking for dirhams.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Bu Jassem, I really don't understand how they operate or how they 'expand'. RTA shouldn't be a profit-making organization! They should focus on what matters. What benefit does it make to Dubai when they make some money out of paid parking while businesses here are getting screwed?

We're actually waiting for directives :) one of the advantages of my job is that I don't even see my salik bills. They get paid by the bulk corporate account we have with RTA. So I am assuming we're getting parking cards too. I could be wrong.

BuJassem said...

dear DJ,
traditionally government departments here need money and not make money. RTA is one of a few that actually makes money, or at least tries to.. yesterday matar al tayer got a prize from sheikh mohammed for how much money they made for selling the names of the metro stations. for government agencies to survive they need to operate as buisnesses and this means making money, much to your or my dismay. unfortunately this is reality.

parking etc.. are all ways to get more cash... but i learnt recently that you can buy a parking card valid for one year for 1000 or 2000 dhs.. and park anywhere.. job done.. nice and easy. just put it on your dashboard.

KJ said...

The best ones are in the narrow residential areas where the ONLY people who would think of parking there are the residents!