Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quantum of Solace. (Review)

If you haven’t seen the movie yet then don’t. It aint worth the money. But you’re not going to listen to me are you? So go ahead and see it for yourself, but before you do that, let me spoil it for you.

The plot is incoherent and it has many loopholes. It starts up with one thousands questions and only answers three or four. I don’t care about the water resources in Bolivia or how that might be a major scheme to tap into the water resources of the whole world (as the movie synopsis suggested). I don’t care about the personal baggage of the protagonist. He fails to express emotions or show sympathy except toward the female co-star whose cause is not very well woven into the plot from the first place. Who was the CIA siding with? Were they just biding their time till they get to know who’s going to be the dominant power in Bolivia? Or did they have a deeper conspiratorial stuff going on that I haven’t picked up? What’s the significance of Bond’s Italian friend? And why was Bond very moved by his death? Lots of things don’t check out. It’s true that Bond’s movies are about action (and truth be told, action scenes were actually good). But you’re left bored and confused and almost feeling awkward when there’s a lull in the lethal actions.

Daniel Craig is actually a good actor. He proved so in Casino Royale. He’s the rough agent, the part-time renegade that will seek and destroy on his own. We like our invincible heroes. You walk through the theatre door knowing that Bond is going to weather all the chases and dodge all the bullets and come out victorious in the end, leaving death and destruction in his wake. I left wondering: where’s the fun in that? Am I supposed to be impressed by the exchanges of banter and sexual innuendoes between bond and every female he lays his eyes on?

Bond might have the muscles, but they aren’t everything. Bond is actually stupid. No man would venture into such dangers unless he’s a total idiot, or because he knows he’s not going to get hurt. So we, me and him, both know that Bond is omnipotent and omniscient and he will get to his prey no matter what stands between them. So I guess I should’ve better spent my time sleeping or cracking watermelon seeds.

Or maybe, just maybe, this whole James Bond thing is not my cup of tea.


abufares said...

If I\'m not mistaken 6 actors played James Bond so far.

1- Sean Connery
2- George Lazenby
3- Roger Moore
4- Timothy Dalton
5- Pierce Brosnan
6- Daniel Craig

No.2 was a disaster. No.4 too serious for the role. No.6 too... blond.
That leaves me with my top 3 favorites and in the right order of: Connery, Brosnan and Moore.
I think the success of Bond movies lies in the fact that there will be an indefinite number of sequels, meaning that 007 never dies.
If you want something deeper I suggest \"Looking for Mr. Goodbar\", 1977 certainly one of the worst movies I\'ve ever seen. It was the first movie I went to when I arrived in the US. I didn\'t understand a single word but I\'m certain of one thing only. I felt terrible I chose it over \"The Spy Who Loved Me\" starring Roger Moore and Barbara Bach, one of the sexiest Bond girls ever.

the real nick said...

Picky picky picky. You are completely missing the point of a James Bond movie.
You go hear the signature tune, see some action scenes, ogle the Olga and in your mind put yourself up there in a sharp suit racing around the Med in an Aston before bedding the second girl.

Escapism, man!!

rosh said...

"Am I supposed to be impressed by the exchanges of banter and sexual innuendoes between bond and every female he lays his eyes on?"

Hell yeah!

"Bond might have the muscles, but they aren’t everything. Bond is actually stupid"

*Gasp*! Almost blasphemous you dork :p

Bro, it's BOND. Wafer story-line, slick action, gorgeous things exploited, fancy cars, steely emotions, perfect suits and a whole load of skin, white sheets - guns & blood!

Slurp! Nice!

Think you'd like, Role Models (the movie)

kaya said...

Honestly DJ
What do you want?
A plot for Debbie does Dubai?
Yes, its true for a BOND movie there wasn't enough chicky.Remember the days when Bond chicks were BABES!! Ooh no one complained about crappy plot.
Even tho I am not and never will be a Bond-ette (perhaps a bit of Bond-age), I have to say Roger Moore is my all time FAVE, followed by Sean Connery.

Bridget Jones said...

Ah, but you forget the dashing Daniel Craig with the sexy blue eyes my friend, that's more than reason enough for a girl to watch the movie! That was Bridget's sole reason ha!;)