Thursday, October 02, 2008

My first attempt at websites' review.

So the web-master of this website asked me to do a review of it for him. I told him that I haven’t actually done any reviews for any websites before on this blog. He said he's fine with that. He said he wanted an ‘unbiased review’. In my own understanding that means if I think his website is shit, I won’t hesitate to review it as such.

So I said what the hell, even though the 10 $ payment won’t even pay for an argileh (if argileh can be ordered online). But it’s an interesting new experience for this blog.

The purpose of the website, if I got it right, is pretty simple. It looks like a house-moving/ relocation service. Now the first thing that comes to mind when I think about house movers is that it’s a good service in general. I remember last year when I took the stupid decision of moving my house on my own. I almost tripped while walking down the stairs and sprained my ankle. I had to stay home-bound (which was not really home since I wasn't really set and everything was still packed) for two weeks. So the bottom line is: movers are good. If you want to move; hire a mover.

Since house-moving services are restricted to a certain geographical locality. (i.e. it isn’t really feasible to hire guys from Ghana to move your house from Bur Dubai to Mirdiff.), I wanted to know for sure where does this company (or as it turned out, this website which represent group of companies) operate. So I looked around and saw that they were strictly operating in the United Kingdom. And then an interesting thought came by: why would the revered readers of this blog be interested in house-moving services in the UK? Why guys? Are you moving to the UK anytime soon?

Anyway, sitting aside the location’s irrelevance. I thought I’d give the services of this site a try. As far as I am concerned, getting a quote online is the most important and the most relevant service. It gives you a rough idea about the prices and what to expect in terms of overall costs. So I tried to get a quote from this website. I imagined myself living in the beautiful countryside of Cumbria and wanting to move to Cardiff (for no obvious reason except that it rhymes with Mirdiff). I thought the process was as easy as it is with any airlines’ website. Where you only select the departure point and the destination point and how many sorry louts are traveling with you, and then the airliner’s website will tell you how much the damage is and you get to make the booking and purchase the ticket online..etc…etc…

It turns out it doesn’t work that way in the aforesaid website, you will have to state the postcode of where you are currently living, and the website will match you with companies that operate in your area. And since I don’t know the postcode of Cumbria. I let it go for now. I wouldn’t know how much my imaginary house move will cost me.

An interesting section in this website is an assortment of advices on different problematic issues with moving: like when you’re moving with kids, you need to prepare them for the move. This is a very significant detail that most often than not gets neglected in the process of moving to another place. Kids are emotionally attached to home, specially a home where they grew up and first experienced puberty (ask me about that). When we moved to our new house in Aleppo when I was 19, I missed all my neighbors’ daughters and my binoculars turned irrelevant.

My father was kind of a totalitarian head of family; he didn’t really care about my emotional attachments.

So back to this website, it is suggesting that you list out to your kids the benefits and the plus points of moving to this new place. And here you’ve got to think, what if those plus points could be retrofitted in the current house? ‘stairways with banisters’ aren’t really that impossible to achieve in an old property. But this may not the main reason why a family would want to move. Moving back to Sharjah and Ajman is the result of high, unaffordable rents here in Dubai. I really empathize with fathers in this case: what do they tell their children they are moving there for? but come to think of it, living in Sharjah or Ajman is a real bargain for a big family. Since you get more space per derhams; isn’t a bad idea for the kids. Except that you’ll be commuting more and seeing them less.

Another service this website is boasting about is Utility Change of Address, this is really a cool service if it is true (I couldn’t check ‘cause the link didn’t work). A friend of mine moved to a new place couple of weeks ago and had a hard time changing his address with each utility company. If there is such a service where you can pay someone to do the ‘Change of Address’ once and for all, that would be really cool. Here in Dubai, moving your Evision (TV cable service) with you is quite pain in the butt. Especially if the new place doesn’t have the required setup. You will again have to pay some money (even if you’ve paid for the circuit in your earlier place) for a subcontractor to come and do the wiring. Good engineering consultants (like us) avoid this by providing Etisalat links of all kinds inside the rooms through concealed conduits. No visible ugly trunking.

You know what guys, it’s still officially Eid and I am at work and bored to my stomach. I am actually so bored, as a friend of mine would say, that "I cupped my own fart and threw it in my face." This is how bored I am. Otherwise I wouldn’t really bother to write a review about this website or about Scarlet Johansson’s new prima donna-like attitude.

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no way of confirming the authenticity of the companies represented in this website. Nor about the quality of their services. If you decided to avail yourself of their services, you are doing that at your own discretion. Viewers beware.

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