Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Got Tagged, by Kaya

I got tagged by the uproarious Kaya.

Here we go...

A - Available or Single
I am single and available (what’s the difference anyway؟), although I don’t like the term ‘availability’ , what am I a ‘stock’?

B - Best Friend
a book and shisha nozzle.

C - Cake or Pie
Cake. But I can do with a pie if I have to.

(Ya akhy feen al D?)

E - Essential Item
my lap top and a book (again).

F - Favourite Colour
Navy blue!

G - Gummi Bears or Worms
Is there a ‘camels’ variety?

H-Home town
Aleppo. (if you think it sounds funny, be my guest and use the Arabic pronunciation ‘Halab’)

I - Indulgence
sitting at the ‘coffee beans and tea leaves’ of the MOE and watch voluptuous women waddle by…
(yeah.. I's pathetic)

J - January or February
February is volatile (the leap year recurrence). I like volatile.

K - Kids

L - Life
An open buffet. A journey to be savored.

M- Marriage
future entanglement.

N- Number of Siblings.

O - Oranges or Apples
(no tangerine please!)

P - Phobias, Fears.
The clicking sound of a typewriter in the dark. (typodarkophobia)

There are few more here.

Q - Favourite Quote
”From all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most”

R - Reason to Smile
I smile at all things beautiful; pretty girls, cute kids, an intelligent conversation….

S - Season
Autumn. Love the hissing sound of falling leaves.

T - Tag Three People
’ve been tagging people left and right recently. So whoever feels like it, please be my guest and get your self tagged.

U - Unknown Fact About Me
at times, I get very short tempered and become easily provoked.

V*W - Worst Habit

X*Y - Your Favourite Foods
Stuffed grape leaves. Cooked eggplants stuffed with marinated rice (mehshi). Stuffed lamb (kharoof mehshi)….anything that is stuffed and eatable (and not stuffy)

Z - Zodiac

For an update on your May's horoscope (or Horror-Scope), click here.


kaya said...



So I am "uproarious" am I?
Oh I say!!! I like that.
Indeed I do.

(More comments on ur tag to come, gotta go serve dinner, just wanted to be the FIRST one)

DUBAI JAZZ said...

well Kaya, look out for the other similarities, you will be astonished!


up·roar·i·ous (p-rôr-s, -rr-)
1. Causing or accompanied by an uproar: an uproarious New Year's party.
2. Loud and full; boisterous: uproarious laughter.
3. Causing hearty laughter; hilarious: uproarious tales.

kaya said...

Dinner served, eaten, dishes washed, kids bathed put to bed, bathroom cleaned and sparkling, kitchen cleaned, and her I am with my shisha.
So are you a stock?
I like your best friends, they are almost mine too.
I like blue, and purple.
Interesting indulgence. LMAO!
(Maan!this flipping word verification really pisses on my battery!)( A JIN phrase!)

inmotion said...


abufares said...

Dubai Jazz
”From all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most”
You know I've sensed that you've been losing your mind recently. You just confirmed my suspicion.
Really thought provoking tag from Kaya and intelligent answers from you.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

There are so many similarities. We both have one sibling. We both smoke shisha. We're both Sagittarius....
That's good, isn't it?

DUBAI JAZZ said...


DUBAI JAZZ said...

I wish I was uproarious though!

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Abu Fares,
Your senses are right, I've been losing it recently....
Thanks for the encouragement, that shall be an incentive for more 'creativity'

kaya said...


CG said...

Kaya, you can blush? Wow. Shock me again...looool.
Looks like you have found your match;