Sunday, April 08, 2007

Confesiones en el Piso de Danza

“Almost nobody dances sober, unless they happen to be insane.”
H. P. Lovecraft (1890 - 1937)

it’ll probably take me five years to learn how to Salsa, another five years to learn Spanish, by which time I won’t be able to keep up with any of these girls”, he whispered to the ears of his friends, while staring at the myriads of girls wiggling their hips at the Latino rhythm.

Some were stiff and robotic. Others were dancing really good; like they had rubber cartilages in their joints, or maybe a whole set of rubberized skeleton.

It’s impossible not to feel alive amongst such crowd. The upheaval of emotion is overpowering… The effervescence of joy is overwhelming….

Salsa seemed to him as a perfect figurative embodiment of the Tit-for-a-Tat concept, but is it so in reality? He made a mental note of asking an expert later...

They proceeded to the bar counter, which was jostling with people waiting for their drinks to be served. They could finally find a slot.

Damn!” he said to himself. “do all girls look marvelous under dim lights, or am I hanging out in the wrong places during the day?”

No Red Bull? Fine...he can settle for orange juice; he actually doesn’t drink alcoholics (yet?).

Damn!” the curse was reprised. This time at the tantalizing scene of another girl, drawing half a circle in the air with her extended index fingers. While her dancing partner (that sod of the yo yo!) heaving his furling hands around her waist; he kept rising them until it looked like her bosoms were propped by his thumbs.

must be easier for girls to Salsa” he said, “or is it that in whichever way they move it suits them quite nicely?

The orange-juice effect started to kick in.

Suddenly, he felt a sheer piercing pain through his instep, it took him a while before realizing that one hell long of a tapered heel had tread on his shoe. He raised his gaze to see who could be the proprietor of these ivory feet. She’d just completed her swivel by then. Smart enough to realize that she’d stepped on something softer than the parquet floor; she apologized. Then, in a wink of an eye, she'd got pulled back by her partner, who (the other sod of the yo yo) took her for an outrageous dip. (probably as a punishment for being overly courteous with others)

one thing I like about Salsa

what’s that?”

man leads

oh yeah, isn't that the case with all other sorts of partner-dance?”

true, but they are kinda might get overcome with affection. This is more know... when you Salsa, it’s like you’re holding the halt in your hand



The dull conversation raged on…..


Omar said...

now imagine if he had anything mixed with that orange juice... next thing you would have found him in the middle of the piste joining the crowds in shaking their hips.

i have to be drunk to go dancing.. that's for sure, but there's something about Salsa that communicates with a primitive instinct within me.. I just lose my social control and go dancing (even though I am a very stiff dancer.. thanks to long computer working hours) because there is no way I can resist that beat

abufares said...

I should've done more of it back when I could have.
Not too late though to sip my orange juice diluted Vodka AND WATCH.

BuJ said...

lool.. loved ur last line.. man.. not many ladies allow their man to lead.. not in dancing..

us men, when we cannot lead when the music is off try to feel better by thinking we're leading them when the music is on.

et cetera.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

if there is anything that can trigger the 'shaky talents' (Al muaheb al hazazeh) inside of me, it would certainly be Salsa!

Abu Fares;
my poison was orange juice diluted with water (that's the cheap alternative they have for non-drinkers!)
I owe you the encouragement to write about this little 'adventure'...can I be a bit demanding and ask for a post about your night-clubs adventure(s) in the US? (or elsewhere ...?)

Bu Jassem;
Man! I can't believe I got away with this line without being called 'sexist' ...seeing that Salsa is such an intricate dance which can only (?) be lead by a man, has somehow restored my faith in the predominance of the 'gender with the more sophisticated plumbing system' (expression borrowed with discretion from Abu Fares!)

kaya said...

The more sophisticated plumbing system??
In the eternal words of Akon and Eminem, You need to SMACK THAT.
You need to be smacked and spanked.
But I fear you will enjoy it too much.

And NO u dont need to be drunk to dance. Being stoned is better.

abufares said...

Dubai Jazz
You asked for it, you'll get it. Although I was never really into nightclubs, I have a relatively new experience to tell you about.
Coming soon on my blog. I just don't know how soon, but you, of all people, would give me some time to retaliate.

abufares said...

I just tagged you my friend.
Let's find who you really are.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

It seems that I am not getting away with it after all, I can weather a smack or two, specially from a (former?) thoughtful teacher like you!
Well, 'getting stoned' is not only against my morals, there are some law violations involved in here, but that doesn't refute your idea :)

Abu Fares;
I am must certainly oblige, and looking forward to your night life stories...:)

Golaniya said...

happy birthday :-)
i left you a greeting note on FB..but it seems that this site did not get your attention..
you celebrate and have fun, it's your day in a year..

BuJ said...

i like that plumbing remark.. need to remember it for future use...

remember though.. the more pipes u got.. the higher the chance that one will leak :P

is it your birthday?

DUBAI JAZZ said...

True BuJassem, I would like to add, the more elbows, the more chances of leakage!
Better stuff them with enough hemp and tighten the bolts. :)
Seriously man, there are so many human beings that leaks, metaphorically speaking..
It actually was not my BT, this was a misunderstanding... (never enter a random birth date when register at face book..)